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Welcome to the website of the Severo Sarduy Cultural Foundation, a non-profit corporation, estabilished in memory of cuban writer Severo Sarduy, and by initiative of his family.

Severo Sarduy was born in 1937, in the Cuban city of Camagüey. He lived in Paris from 1960 until his death in1993. During his thirty-three years’ absence from his native island, he published novels, poetry, essays and was also an Art and Literary critic. He organized three one-man art exhibitions as well as several collective or group exhibitions. His work as a journalist for 30 years in Radio Francia Internacional allowed him to do programming which was dedicated to culture and the sciences. He worked at Ediciones du Seuil. Later on, while working at Ediciones Gallimard, he directed La Nouvelle Croix du Sud, a prestigious book collection specializing in Ibero-American literature.
He published his first book in Paris: Gestos (1962), and later published De donde son los cantantes (1967). He is awarded the Médicis Prize for the best foreign novel, for his novel Cobra (1972). And his works Maitreya (1978), Colibrí (1948) and Cocuyo (1990) are part of his intense literary body of work. His last novel, Pájaros de la playa is published months after his death, which took place on the 8th of June, 1993, in Paris, France.
In addition to recognizing the talents of this outstanding Cuban intellectual,
the Severo Sarduy Cultural Foundation aims to inform about Severo Sarduy’s body of literary and pictorial works. He is one of the most outstandingly representative writers of the Spanish language of our time.